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Sabit Bilir - Istanbul
Design: Akin Nalca Design Team, Istanbul
System: clic 
Location & Date: Istanbul
Size: 120m2

Sabit Karamani lived from 1916 to 1993 in Istanbul. He was a radio broadcaster, photographer, advertiser and ceramic artist. 

“Sabit Bilir!”, Milli Reasürans Art Gallery

The SABIT BILIR! exhibition introduces Sabit Karamani’s works and projects from photography to ceramic art, from radio advertising and from electronics to his multi-dimensional interests. The exhibition of artists paintings, sculptures, radio programs and projects provides an overview of his different areas of interest and experience. These areas were categorized and exhibited entirely according to the architectural characteristics of this space. clic and pon system modules and special display elements made of MDF, glass and kraft paper have were used for the exhibition.