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Piovan Spa - Dusseldorf
Design: Xilos Golfieri s.r.l., Bologna
System: pila two storey 
Location & Date: Dusseldorf
Size: 320m2


Piovan, one of the leading companies in the plastics processing industry, attends K 2010 with an impressive double-storey stand realised with pila. 230 + 90 m2 (double-storey stand)


Anthracite-grey carpet and aluminium profiles together with frosted lights and completely white walls create the right space for highlighting the latest technological equipment. The company’s message is focused only on the brand: that is the way chosen by Piovan to introduce the new company logo, just re-styled. Guests are welcomed on the first floor into the restaurant area offering comfort, a quiet atmosphere and delicious Italian food. Straight lines and light colours confirm Piovan’s target of efficiency and innovation, creating an unusual location ideal to show all the new products.