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Petkim - Düsseldorf
Design: Terminal Design
Location & Date:
Size: 72m2

K-Plastics & Rubber Exhibition, in Düsseldorf, 2016 To use the space in an optimum way, the VIP visiting room and the meeting rooms are positioned at the upper storey as requested. In order to emphasize the company’s corporate power, production potential and market share, screens located at the protection bar of the upper storey to use to show related specific movies.

Truly present the brand prestige, side faces are covered with stainless panels to achieve a sophisticated-look and the illuminated logos are positioned in a way that it is clearly visible both through exit and the entrance of the single facade. While the entrance is designed like a stage, the indirect contribution of design is emphasized by use of the overhead transparent display units presenting the company raw materials and how these raw materials turn into end products. These overhead display units stand for eye-catchers to attract visitors and help to customize exhibition appearance.

The illuminated surface continued in the side wall as well, referring to infinity. The entrance desk, as the first dialog spot with the visitors, is used for display of certain products, which also helped to filter visitor’s profile. The illuminated ground in the entrance not only helped to separate other sections of the booth from the floor in a functional way, but also turned the entrance into a striking place.