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Exponatec/11mRaum - Cologne
Design: Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv; Design hoch drei;
System: pon 
Location & Date: Cologne
Size: 24m2

At the Exponatec 2006, Burkhardt Leitner is present for the second time to present innovative solutions for up-to-date museum, exhibition and shop architecture to a professional audience from the fields of art and culture.


The year of soccer, 2006, was the inspiration for the concept of the trade fair stand 11mSpace, which was developed by the exhibition designers Design Hoch Drei from Stuttgart together with Burkhardt Leitner. 11m Space – negotiable space? Interpreted and represented using the new architectural system pon. Positioning, not only related to soccer, at the Exponatec 2006 in Cologne. New configurations – projecting ceilings, tables on wheels (PONIs), benches, stands – an artful handling of the topic soccer on an exhibition space of 3 x 8 m – graphics, color, form and content are used creatively.