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EuroShop 2023

EuroShop 2023

At the EuroShop 2023, burkhardt leitner presents 30 years of innovation tradition for modular architectural system design.


Ecological responsibility is just as important as it was 30 years ago. However, with our motto “Sustainability First”, conservation of resources is more in focus than ever before.  Reusability and longevity are where architectural systems find their real meaning.  Good design is not subject to visual wear and tear.


System flexibility and modularity allows for high functionality of architectural systems and individual design possibilities. Reduction and formal clarity are the guiding principles of aesthetic design for burkhardt leitner.


At EuroShop 2023, we will witness how architects, designers and planners around the world have realized exhibitions, trade fair appearances, and office and shop solutions with burkhardt leitner systems and how these systems are appreciated worldwide and have ben awarded the highest design prices.


We look forward to seeing long terms companions, partners and new prospects. EuroShop Dusseldorf, Feb 26 - March 02, 2023, Hall 1 / E38.