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Bayreuth: "Rosalie and Wagner", Richard Wagner Museum


The Bayreuth Festival opened on July 24, 2021. And this was the ideal time to present the exhibition "Rosalie and Wagner" in the Richard Wagner Museum to the interested public. The modular exhibition system pon by burkhardt leitner modular spaces sets the stage design by Rosalie spectacularly in scene.


As early as spring 2020, a concept with the pon system was launched in Atelier Rosalie with its manager Thomas Jürgens and our managing director and designer Akin Nalca.


Until October 3, 2021, the important work of the Stuttgart artist will be honored in Bayreuth - at the location of Rosalie's greatest success as a set designer.


Thomas Jürgens, Atelier Rosalie;
Richard Wagner Museum;
Akin Nalca, Burkhardt Leitner modular spaces


Wolf-Dieter Gericke (1)
burkhardt leitner modular spaces (2, 3, 4)