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slimpan is a connector-panel system.

The system consists of lightweight aluminum frames forming structures via flexible connectors. Panels can be produced and applied from various materials such as aluminum, steel, PET, acrylic, and other surface materials. Panels can be easily fitted to the frames with the help of magnetic strips or VHB bands. The high level of modularity, flexibility in choosing surface materials, fast assembly and dismantling, low packing size and few self-explanatory components make Slimpan an efficient and versatile exhibition and display system for a wide range of applications.

slimpan slimpan


Lightweight panels with toolless assembly, panel width minimum 300 mm up to 1500 mm easily forming exhibition or display units. Panels can be made of any solid material that has a thickness of 3-4mm.



Trade fair, displays, exhibition.



Frame thickness 25 mm, width and height with grid systems: A1200, A980, minimum width 300 mm.