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The clic system has a magnetic push fit connection of connector and rod.

The connectors are natural-anodized aluminum cubes, the attachment pieces are made of galvanized steel, the connectors are made of natural-anodized aluminum tubing into which two magnets have been pressed. Assembly is child’s play. The modular elements come together with a soft click, creating the modular architecture system. Users like the simple, self-explanatory construction principle; viewers admire the austere appearance; designers appreciate the graphic and architectonic versatility. For both planners and users, the planning software “clic IT” provides a convenient means of developing complex spatial structures and visualising them in three dimensions.

clic clic


Assembly without tools. Filigree and lightweight. Rapid assembly and dismantling. For two- and three-dimensional presentations.



Trade fair, display, exhibition, shop.



Connector 15 x 15 x 15 mm, tube Ø 10 mm. Grid systems: A600, A300.